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Terms & Conditions

  1. In the event that Sakura Wellness faces any technical difficulties, you will be compensated for it.

  2. Once the payment has been made, there will be no refunds,

  3. Attendees are advised to log in 5-10 minutes before the time of the session to avoid any technical difficulties.

  4. Sakura Wellness retains all copyright rights to the photographs taken during the workshop.

  5. All sensitive information shared during the sessions will be kept private and will not be shared or recorded to respect the privacy of everyone.

  6. If the attendee(s) had to cut their attendance short for any reason that is due to them, they will not be eligible for any refund.

  7. Attendees must comply fully with any health and safety regulations introduced by Sakura Wellness.

  8. Sakura Wellness is not liable for any injuries to the attendee in his/her participation in activities.

  9. Each registration applies to only one participant. Any unregistered and/or unpaid guests will not be allowed in the meetings.

  10. Booking and paying for the Sakura Wellness are considered an agreement of the mentioned terms and conditions.

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