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How To Set Boundaries Without
Breaking Hearts
Virtual Workshop

Date & Time:

28th of January 2023

12PM - 1:30PM Saudi Time (GMT +3)

1PM - 2:30PM Dubai Time (GMT +4)


Have you ever found it hard to say no?

Do you often consider the needs of everyone else before your own?

Have you ever said yes to something and then felt resentful after?


For many of us, the word no can be something we feel we must not say.

It can be associated with ideas of selfishness and a lack of care for others.


However, when we find it hard to articulate our healthy no, we can end up paying the price in unsatisfying relationships, believing our needs do not matter and even suffering illness and burnout. 


The truth is that if we can't say no, it makes us less able to support and care for those we love.

This workshop is designed as an introduction to a longer 4 week course on Healthy Boundaries which will run online, dates to be announced shortly.

The details of the workshop

  • Introduction & Background

  • Explore why it can be hard to say no and look at the unconscious behaviours we develop to compensate

  • Discover a new way of looking at no, seeing it as something which invites deeper human connection and enriches relationships and wellbeing

  • Learn new ways of saying no that are soft, compassionate, playful, and real

  • Q&A


  • An empty quiet space that won't be interrupted

  • Laptop with the camera switched on

  • Headphones

  • Comfortable clothing

  • Notebook and pen

  • An open mind & an open heart

Self Investment:

99 AED per person.

Your Host:

Adam Wilder Website 1500 x 1000 (3).jpg

Adam Wilder

Adam's dynamic and charismatic presence as a facilitator, boundaries coach and social entrepreneur has been the inspiration for exceptional and unique ways of enhancing human connection over the last 20 years through his work with individuals, and groups and as the founder of the Togetherness movement.

He is a trained counselor, a certified Wheel of Consent facilitator, and a big advocate for playfulness and creativity.


He is a committed champion for authentic communication and has worked with more than 20,000 people around the globe.


He is known for creating Shhh Dating, the world's first non-verbal speed dating experience, running the House of Togetherness in central London, and hosting the largest mass spooning in the world at the Wilderness festival in 2019. 

Alongside his coaching practice, Adam regularly delivers creative and culture-changing workshops to businesses and organizations.



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