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Re-Write Your History Retreat
Bali, Indonesia




April 12th till April 20th, 2024


Bali is a stunning island located in Indonesia, known for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality.

The island is also renowned for its spiritual beliefs and practices, where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

This retreat is designed to empower you to reshape your past narrative and create a more joyful and fulfilling present.

Discover the freedom of letting go, healing, and embracing a new version of yourself.

Step out of your comfort zone, and reconnect with your true self.

What's Included:

  • 8 nights of accommodation

  • Organic vegetarian meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

  • Opening and Closing ceremonies

  • Daily morning yoga practices (suitable for all levels)

  • Yoga props (Mats, Blocks, Straps, and Bolsters)

  • Transformational Group Coaching sessions

  • Family Constellation Sessions

  • Sunset meditations

  • Tea Ceremonies

  • Sound Healing Meditation

  • Nature Walks

  • Community support

  • Giveaway bags

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off



What's Not Included:

  • Airfares

  • Entry visa (if needed)



Booking Flights:

Please make sure to book your flight around these dates to ensure your transportation:

  • Arrival flight on the 12th, check-in at 2PM

  • Departure flight on the 20th, check-out at 12PM




1. Deluxe Suite

  • Rooms are Single by default (double bed) or Shared by request (twin beds)

  • Shared rooms are guaranteed only for those who come with a companion or if another guest requests a shared room

  • Air-conditioning

  • Rice fields view

  • Free WiFi

2. Garden Suite

  • Rooms are Single by default (double bed) or Shared by request (twin beds)

  • Shared rooms are guaranteed only for those who come with a companion or if another guest requests a shared room

  • Air-conditioning

  • Rice fields view

  • Free WiFi

All-Inclusive Investment:

We offer two convenient payment options:
1. Pay the full amount upfront

2. Pay only a 30% deposit to secure your spot, with the remaining 70% due at your convenience
(up until 10 days before the retreat, with a small 5% fee)

Early Bird: (Jan 1 - Feb 26)

  • Deluxe Suite Package: *

Single Package price is 13,320 AED

(Approx. 3,626 $)

Shared Package price is 24,400 AED

(Approx. 6,643 $)

  • Garden Suite Package: *

Single Package price is 12,290 AED

(Approx. 3,346 $)

Shared Package price is 22,360 AED

(Approx. 6,088 $)

Late Bird: (Feb 27 - April 8)

  • Deluxe Suite Package: *

Single Package price is 13,820 AED

(Approx. 3,763 $)

Shared Package price is 25,400 AED

(Approx. 6,916 $)

  • Garden Suite Package: *

Single Package price is 12,790 AED

(Approx. 3,482 $)

Shared Package price is 23,360 AED

(Approx. 6,360 $)

*These prices exclude 5% tax

What a typical day might look like:
(Full Itinerary will be shared after registration)


​7AM         Morning Yoga

9AM         Breakfast

​11:30AM    Group Coaching Session

1:30PM      Lunch

3PM         Family Constellation

5:30PM    Sunset Meditation

7PM         Dinner

8PM         Tea Ceremony

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Your Hosts:


Ghalia Khaldi

Ghalia is the founder of Sakura Wellness.

She is a yoga, breathwork, & meditation facilitator by day and a unicorn by night.

Her vision for every Sakura retreat is to have all participants leave with growth that will heal, change and empower them to be and exist as the best version of themselves.

Ghalia has over 600hrs of Yoga Teacher Trainings in various yoga styles; Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Prenatal Yoga, Postnatal Yoga, Dhyana Meditation, Iyengar Yoga Immersion, Lunar Elemental Prana Vinyasa, and Yin yoga.

She is also certified in Mat Pilates, Sacred Science of Sound Crystal Alchemy, Theta Healing, Spinning, PTS, FIS, Anti-gravity, and Ugi.




Fahad Fatani

Fahad is a certified Transformational Coach and Social Psychologist.

He started his career climbing the corporate ladder in advertising for some of the top global agencies.

However, earlier in life he overcame his battles against major depression, high anxiety and suicidal tendencies, and is now dedicating his life to helping people grow so that one day they might help others grow. 

His work is a mixture of traditional Coaching backed by the latest research and advancements in understanding how emotions work and how to rewire the brain. 
Fahad truly believes that people have the ability to see life as Happy Everyday.

Solange augustus 2020.jpg

Solange Beaumont

Solange is a Holistic trauma-healing therapist and a Certified Regression & reincarnation Therapist.

With over a decade’s experience in healing trauma on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. 

Solange holds a safe and trauma-informed space where she supports healing unhealed pain from the past, peeling off all the subconscious layers and blockages that created a disconnection with the heart, emotions, body, and life force energy.

Her work includes healing unhealed Ancestral trauma, womb trauma, Childhood-trauma and past-life Trauma.


Andrie Wijaya Wang

Andrie has become accustomed to the world of healing because his mother and grandmother are Javanese healers.  

He has practiced with energy workers since he was 15 years old.

In 2015 he moved to Bali and began to develop his abilities; he started with sound healing, guidance sound healing meditation with ancient Javanese mantra, and has since moved on to psychic reading, reiki, herbal medicine, and scanning for body health issues.

He has organized many healing workshops in Ubud, and his biggest desire is to share his knowledge and he loves to help others through his unique abilities.

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