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Sakura in one word...

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Who is
Sakura Wellness?

Taken from the symbolism of the blooming of the Cherry Blossom Tree in Japan, Sakura is designed to provide you with the space and opportunity to organically flourish.

The promise is to share practices and teachings you can incorporate in your daily life, to bring awareness to the beauty and magic within you, and connect to your best self.

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Reasons to go on a retreat with us...

• Travel with a purpose

A lot of the time we travel to new destinations to "vacation & relax" but then we end up running around being a tourist that we come back feeling drained and needing a vacation from the vacation.

Joining us on a retreat allows you to truly pause, relax, explore, reflect & reevaluate your priorities in life.

• Acquiring new knowledge

In every retreat, we make sure to include workshops that can be used and applied to your daily life.

Whether it's knowledge to support your healing & growth journey, or information on how to make eco-friendly & sustainable choices.

• Connect with yourself

Through the sessions of yoga, coaching, meditations & more, you will be more in tune with your mind, body, emotions, & spirit.

You will open up parts of your mind and body to connect with the elements within you and around you.

• Mind & Body Boost

We try to always make sure the food served in every retreat is vegan/vegetarian healthy & organic. 

Giving your system a detoxing cleanse and your immunity a natural booster, and hoping to inspire you to make small changes to make healthy choices upon your return home.

• Connect with like-minded souls

The journey to healing & growth is much more meaningful when it is walked with others that can relate & support.

To quote Ram Dass "We are all just walking each other home."

So let's walk home alongside those who choose to see us for who we are.

• Immerse yourself in nature

Our selected locations are always integrated with nature where you can walk, meditate, ground, and recharge.

Being surrounded by nature reminds us that we are part of nature and nature is part of us, it also allows us to vibrate higher, cleanse our ears & nose pallets from the city, and enjoy the beautiful colors of nature.

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